6 Of The Biggest Wellness Trends You'll Want To Try In 2020

  1. Protect your eyes from your phone’s blue light

A study from May 2019 found that a person’s average screen time is 3 hours and 23 minutes per day — or 50 days every year. As a result, opticians are concerned about the long-term effects of blue light (emitted from the sun and now delivered in high-energy, flickering doses from fluorescent and LED screens, too). 

Blue light has some reported health benefits, from boosting alertness and regulating sleep cycles, to elevating mood and helping memory. Too much blue light, however, has been linked to insomnia and macular degeneration. For 2020, mindful screen-time — such as bans on late-night phone, TV and laptop usage — can help you get a good night’s sleep and may protect your eyes. 

Meanwhile, technology companies are taking steps to reduce the exposure. In January 2018, Apple kicked things off by releasing a new mode called Night Shift in its iOS 9.3 update, which radiates a filtered, warmer light. Blue-light-blocking glasses are becoming popular, too; Jennifer Lopez was spotted wearing Privé Revaux ‘The Alchemist’ in December 2019. This year, leading sunglass brands are sure to follow suit. 

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