All of Your Favorite Celebrities Are Wearing These $30 Sunglasses

It doesn't matter if celebrities are trying to stay low key in front of the paparazzi or need an accessory to take their outfits to the next level, they are always wearing some of the flyest sunglasses around. And lately, some of our favorite stars have been turning to new comer Privé Revaux for their stylish frames. The brand makes some of the trendiest sunglasses, and the designs only look expensive because every single pair costs $30. That's less than what you'll waste on frappuccinos in a week.

You may have already spotted Ashley Benson wearing the popular frames because she's one of the partners that's putting Privé Revaux on the map. And her Pretty Little Liars co-star Lucy Hale is also a fan. She's been spotted rocking The Madam, which comes in dark, black lenses and bright, reflective styles, too.

Most of Hollywood is falling in love with Privé Revaux's unique sunglasses, which are also unisex, and we can see why. The affordable frames are made with quality materials, and they come with a protective case that comletely collapses when you're wearing your shades. So the pouch won't take up too much space in your purse. The brand also includes a microfiber cleaning cloth in each order, so you can gently remove fingerprints and debris.

That's definitely enough to convince us to try out the sunglasses this summer. Plus seeing Jennifer Lopez and more celebs rocking the frames is the icing on the cake. Keep scrolling to see how some stylish stars are wearing the shades.


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