Dove Cameron’s ‘Style Icon Will Always and Forever Be Winona Ryder’: ‘She Is Such a Badass’


Dream team! Dove CameronOpens in a new Window. is a huge fan of Winona Ryder‘s fashion senseOpens in a new Window.. “My style icon will always and forever be — even though it’s not always reflected in the way I personally dress — Winona Ryder,” the 23-year-old told Life & Style exclusively while promoting her new capsule collection called The Dove Cameron x Privé RevauxOpens in a new Window., which is available on Friday, November 1. “I live and die by Winona Ryder.” 

The Disney starlet continued to elaborate on the types of clothes the Stranger Things actress, 48, wears that resonates with her. “It’s more of what she wore when she was in her Beetlejuice era — back in the day,” she said. “She wore this really beautiful, white dress, but the thing is — she was such a tomboy. I don’t know, her whole aesthetic was just so intelligent and so her but also, like, jeans with her leather jacket and her T-shirts and her red lipstick and the bare eye and the short tomboy cut. She is such a badass, I love her.” 

It sounds like the blonde beauty has taken notes from Winona. “If I could wear jeans and a white distressed shirt and a leather jacket every day, I probably would — with a bold red lip or something like that,” she confessed. “But my go-to that I usually realistically do is a long, vintage sundress, like a button-up down to ankles and then massive men’s docks and a messy bun and big sunglasses.”

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