Everything On This Celeb-Approved Eyewear Site Is Just $30, So You Can Try The Trends Without Spending a Ton of Money

Prive Revaux Eyewear has a unique story in that it was built on a “shared passion for style and quality” with the goal of making trendy eyewear easily accessible to the masses. The founder enlisted the help of an elite team including Jamie Foxx, Hailee Steinfeld and Ashley Benson to partner and help spread the word via their social media channels while participating in the design and marketing of the product. Their mission: everyone should have access to high-quality, beautifully-designed eyewear at an affordable price.

With mega-stars like Jennifer Lopez, Blake Lively and Alex Rodriguez sporting these shades, it’s a no brainer – the brand now has over 100 handcrafted and polarized designer frames that all cost less than $30. Many are manufactured in limited quantities to keep you and your style fresh. For this inexpensive price, you can afford a new, quality frame for every day of the week for the cost of one designer frame.

Below we have chosen a few of our favorite styles – most are unisex, some with the classic styling that we all know and love and others that are edgy and meant to be seen. Whichever you prefer, just know that these frames are all handcrafted, made with 100% scratch-resistant stainless steel, come with an anti-glare coating for comfort and durability, and provide full UV protection.

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