Fans Think Ashley Benson’s New “CD” Tattoo Confirms Her Relationship With Cara Delevingne

While the actress didn't share the finished piece on social media immediately following her appointment, we noticed the fresh tat in another Instagram post promoting her new collection with Privé Revaux. Sure, the sunglasses are great and all, but after a quick look at the photo, we couldn't help but notice that the initials "CD" have suddenly appeared on the side of Benson's ribcage. And it doesn't take much mental math to realize that CD could stand for, you know, Cara... Delevingne.

Clearly, we aren't the only people who think this. The comment section on this photo is flooded with people wondering about her new tattoo. One commenter writes, "Is that a C.D. Tattoo???" "I spy caras initials!" wrote another. Only one question remains: Will Cara get an "AB" tattoo next?

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