If I Went Shopping With Jennifer Lopez, I'd Suggest These 7 Basics

There are a few celebrities I consistently turn to for style inspiration and sartorial amusement—Jennifer Lopez is toward the top of my list. Sure, I'm enamored by her iconic red carpet looks (green Versace dress and all), but it's actually her street style looks I gravitate toward on the regular thanks to their inherently cool and fashion-forward nature. And while many of said looks feature bold, statement pieces, there's often a seemingly more "basic" piece to balance out her ensembles. 

After scrolling through a range of recent J.Lo photos, I came to the conclusion that we actually share some similarities when it comes to the basics that act as anchors to many of our looks. And honestly, if I had the privilege of spending an afternoon shopping with the A-lister, I bet she'd actually be into the fresh, next-level staple items that I'm into right now.

So to have a little fun, I rounded up the seven modern basics I think J.Lo would love, based on similar items she's worn over the past year. And of course, I shopped each inspired must-have as well. 

  1. Straight-Leg Jeans


When it comes to denim, J.Lo has worn a variety of skinny and straight-leg styles. I’m all about the slightly distressed silhouettes at the moment, and I’m sure J.Lo would be up for trying my favorites this season as well.

On Lopez: Max Mara coat; Valentino bag; Buscemi shoes; Privé Revaux sunglasses

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