Jennifer Lopez's Look Was Fire And Ice Thanks To These Unique Glasses


It seems like every time Jennifer Lopez leaves the house lately, she's serving us a new look, and honestly? We can't get enough of it.

She's been dripping with gold, toned down for some workout, Fly Girl-esque style, and burning brightly in a screaming red dress, all within the same month! If there's a style trend, Jennifer has rocked it. But her latest look has a fun twist to it that we didn't see coming: the juxtaposition of fire and ice with a mostly-baby blue outfit and deep, orange-red by way of her glasses. 

The Hustlers star rocked a light blue sweater beneath a cozy Max Mara coat, paired with jeans and matching Buscemi work boots. But while her outfit was as show-stopping as her Valentino Rockstud crossbody bag, her oversized Privé Revaux two-toned gradient lens sunglasses were the most eye-catching part of the ensemble. The glasses, appropriately titled "The Jagger," really bring it all together.

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