Madelaine Petsch Stops For No One


It is not clear that she so much plans to yodel the phrase “myy suUUUUngLAAAAasses” when talking about her new “M3” collaboration with Prive Revaux — a pair with tiny lenses available with blue lenses and two that are bigger and higher drama — but it’s definitely a yodel. It’s like she was trying out a bit, the way a comedian does. (“I love comedy! Nobody knows that! I’m kind of funny! Can you believe it?” She claps her hands, then lists out what else is still unknown about her.) And then there is the moment where, without warning of any kind and so quickly I have to go back and watch the footage to make sure it happened, she executes a rapid, perfect, sky-high kick to underscore her excitement about the sunglasses, a kick she does not acknowledge at all. She is literally mesmerizing.

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