Madelaine Petsch Teases the (Possible) Return of Jason Blossom on 'Riverdale'

Madelaine Petsch waltzes into the Cosmopolitan office in a little Self Portrait suit number and her own "Matrix" sunglasses on the tip of her nose. I ask her if she's always one to wear sunglasses inside, or if it's just to promote her new M3 collection for Privé Revaux (on sale May 27). "It depends on the size," she explains. "Small sunglasses are more of a fashion accessory than actually useful because this isn’t gonna block me from the sun. I wear them on the tip of my nose, this is doing nothing from the sunlight."

She immediately gets busy finding the perfect pair for me (she chooses the "Mads"in case you give a shit). As fun as it is to hang with the Riverdale star, she's here for business. We go through the whole schpiel: she tells me about the line's reasonable price point ($39.95), which pair is her boyfriend's favorite to wear (the "Matrix" as well), and all the options ("I've never seen big blue sunglasses. I wanted blue sunglasses"). But eventually, she's ready to just relax and chat. "Buy my sunglasses you know?" She laughs, "I'm trying to feed my dog."

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