Meet the Warby Parker alternative that’s offering $60 prescription lenses

Privé Revaux, a digitally native brand, just launched some of the most inexpensive prescription eyewear on the market. On the brand’s website, you can get trendy frames, plus RX lenses, for $59.99. Warby Parker made a big splash in the market when it launched in 2010 with $95 prescription eyewear, which was significantly lower than most optical shops charged at the time.

“The truth is, eyewear is incredibly inexpensive to make,” says David Schottenstein, Privé Revaux’s founder. “In most cases, you’re paying for branding, marketing, and celebrity endorsements. The frames and lenses themselves don’t cost very much to make.”

Schottenstein launched Privé Revaux in June 2017 with a line of trendy $29.95 sunglasses. He eschewed paid celebrity endorsements, but ingeniously brought on celebrities Jamie Foxx, Hailee Steinfeld, and Ashley Benson as investors and partners.

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