Our Favorite Eyewear Brand Just Collaborated With Express On These $30 Shades

Choosing the right sunglasses is a hard enough task without navigating the out-of-this-world prices. Deciding on the right pair and discovering that they cost $200 is not something you need in your life. The reality is that style has to come at some cost, doesn’t it? You might think so, but with the new collaboration between Privé Revaux and Express, you’ll find eyewear styles that come at a budget-friendly price.

This incredible line of Privé Revaux sunglasses not only boasts styles and prices to suit every face and wallet, each pair also features scratch resistance, UV protection, durable frames and a storage case.

Whether you’re heading out on a summer’s day or packing for your next warm-weather vacation, you’ll find a pair of oval, circular, diamond or heart-shaped sunglasses to match your face and personality.

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