Privé Revaux Sunglass & Eyewear Sales Are Exploding!! What Makes Privé Revaux’s Eyewear Special?

 Privé Revaux’s rapid growth is the hot news of the day.  In two short years, they have over 20 million in revenue, are on track to triple that by 2020 and are projected to become a billion-dollar company.

This rapid expansion has allowed the eyewear startup to expand its product offerings and feature amazing innovations in the eyewear industry beyond traditional sunglasses.  The brand has successfully launched celebrity capsule collections with

Madelaine Petsch (Riverdale):

The first with Rivedale star Madelaine Petsch in April 2018. The Privé Revaux x Madelaine sold out within 24 hours and the brand followed up a year later with the Madelaine Petsch M3 collection which was equally as successful.

Ashley Benson (brand partner):

This summer, the brand launched the Benzo collection with brand partner Ashley Benson – a campaign that went viral and also featured upgraded materials (over $100 worth of extra features) that retailed for only $39.95 per pair.

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