I could never go out in the sun without any form of eyewear to protect my eyes. It's just my thing. I need to have sunglasses on or else, I'd end up squinting so much that it will start to bother me which in turn will irritate me until it reaches the point where everything just makes me mad.

Now during my DE-CLUTTERING SESSION, I let go of over 20pcs of eye wear. I decided to keep only 3 and those three are my favorite. They are comfortable and they look good on me.

After I did my whole de-cluttering session, I wanted to make sure that I was ABLE TO MAINTAIN IT. I decided that I will never buy another pair of sunglasses just because they look good or is in style. If I do make a purchase, it has to be a classic, reasonably price, and timeless.

Enter Prive Revaux Eyewear. 

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