We Found 6 Pairs of Sunglasses For Fall That Are All Under $30

Stylish sunglasses don’t have to break the bank

* These celeb-approved frames are all under $30

* Keep your eyes safe from harmful glare during the winter

 Although sunglasses are a summer staple, they’re also essential during the cold seasons. Rain-soaked streets, snow, and cloud coverage make harmful UV rays and glare more intense, which means you’ll need to protect yourself with some cool shades.

But before you splash out on a new pair of sunglasses, take a look at these highly affordable, stylish frames from Privé Revaux. The company was launched with the help of a celebrity team including Jamie Foxx, Hailee Steinfeld, and Ashley Benson, offering modern frames with premium polarized lenses. Check out some of our favorites for under $30.

  1. Privé Revaux Marrakech

Slim sunglasses are the biggest eyewear trend of the year, with every fashion-forward celeb and influencer rocking the look. These Marrakech frames nail that 90s look with a narrow style and a few unique style notes.

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