What a great body! Jennifer Lopez's latest look is unrivaled !


The promotional tour for Hustlers , the latest project by Jennifer Lopez , has begun. And, if in summer he had practically no time to get off the stage, - It's My Party Tour has taken him through countless countries around the world-, he has replaced them this fall with photocalls and film presentations. Leading a life under the flashes of photographers, if something is present is that every occasion counts (and much), so the Bronx is an expert in not disappointing its fans with their combinations. This Tuesday, the money interpreter , again hit the target of trendsWith a look of 2000 style, an aesthetic that has returned to the top to which several designers have joined, who have proposed to make the decade most hated by stylists, the most glorious.

  Tube skirts are an essential wardrobe ,  something that unites actresses, singers and even royalty women, for their versatility and comfort. A garment that especially enhances curvy figures, so Jennifer, Kim Kardashian or Eva Longoria always have it in the dressing room, as good enthusiasts. These types of pieces come long in the stylistic history of the artist, who has been using them almost all her life since her public appearances began. In her case, for one of her work appointments in New York, the chosen one was a piece signed by Tom Ford, with a draped effect in nude color and  with a lace hem.

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