From sunrise to sunset to your social media feed and the standard Netflix-binge session, you’re likely spending most of your day looking at one screen or another. And since nothing in life comes for free, all of the conveniences and life-improving benefits that technology offers you also come with some downsides.

As in: There’s evidence that the blue light your eyes take in when you’re looking at a screen can sabotage your sleep and mental health, cause eye strain, and possibly wreck your skin.

So what to do? You can schedule digital detoxes and keep up a healthy skin-care regimen—and if you really want to get serious about banning blue light from your life? Get glasses that block it.

Blue-light-blocking glasses are said to keep your pre-sleep Instagram scrolls from messing with your life and your health. Plus, you can wear them with or without a prescription—and there are now some super-chic options.

Check out of this month’s selects below to add some stylish protection into your highly digital life. All of these frames are RX-able, if you have your prescription you can order online with us.


The Maestro seeks perfection in their craft. They are the standard others aspire to.


The Alchemist leaves no stone unturned in the quest for discovery. What others consider impossible, they consider a worthy challenge.

The MLK is a leader, and people are listening. Just like the Man, don't be satisfied with the status-quo. Boycott normalcy, occupy your own space, and blaze your own trail.


The Rand is unafraid and modern. She values minimalism and makes that her mantra. She is her own hero. She uses reason to classify and create order. There is depth and unleashed creativity beneath her clean lines and crisp corners.





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