5 Winter-Worthy Frames

Just because we’re forced to say goodbye to summer doesn’t mean we have to do the same when it comes to our sunglasses.


That’s why we’ve compiled a list of Prive’s most winter-worthy frames. Ditch the mirrored aviators and reflective lenses and opt for something a little bigger and bolder to battle the colder months ahead.


Shop our top picks below.

The Blake — These easy-to-wear lenses were designed for everyday wear; but are especially perfect for concealing those winter blues. Whether you’re looking to sport them for a night out on the town or to hit the slopes, these premium, mans-inspired lenses were made to withstand the toughest of elements.

The Classic — The classic is just that. They don’t bend to trends; instead they raise them. These geometrical frames are timeless and pair well with just about any look.  They’re also the perfect winter-wear to hide makeup free eyes or dark circles for those sleepless nights.

The Coco — These feminine frames are perfect for day or night and come in oversized grey, silver mirror, or brown gradient lenses for a plethora of options depending on your style. In winter, we tend to stray away from colorful, reflective lenses, and these high-class frames help do just that. Plus, in The Coco, you still maintain an air of elegance so they don’t appear too boxy or dull on special occasions.

The Explorer — These limited edition rider sunglasses are synonymous with The Blake when it comes to everyday wear with unparalleled comfort and protection. Not to mention they’re slightly tinted to maintain your sense of anonymity.

The McQueen — These sophisticated sunnies are aviator-inspired and are also designed to withstand most any condition, including those dreaded winter months ahead. The McQueen also evokes an air of sophistication and isn’t like your typical aviators with their galvanized, thick metal frames.  

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