All About Prive’s First-Ever Pop-Up Store

The sunglass line that has become synonymous amongst the Hollywood A-list crowd launched its first ever pop-up store to close out a successful 2017.

The artsy New York boutique – located in the heart of Times Square at 120 W. 42nd St – was decked out with graffiti-like images and included specials guests such as Katie Holmes and Nicki Minaj to kick off their debut back in December.


While the line originally launched last June and has primarily focused on building their brand online and through trendy brand ambassadors such as Ashley Benson and Hailee Steinfeld, the flagship store has enabled them to further showcase their line of over 100 handcrafted, designer lenses. After all, eyewear is an accessory that many prefer to try on rather than simply add to their online cart.


Prive has continued to expand their diverse range of styles, adding new collections every six months; however the one constant is their price -- $29.95 regardless of style or design.

Although it may seem too good to be true, especially with heavyweight such as Jamie Foxx backing the line, the brand has stayed consistent to their core about maintaining their affordability while striving to put out high quality products.

And they only hope to continue to expand in the retail department with the goal of over 50 kiosks with 200 locations by the end of 2018, including internationally.


Despite barely a full year in business, the brand has sold over $5 million worth of eyewear essentials within the first few months alone.


Stop by the New York flagship store or be on the lookout for a convenient kiosk to open up near you and continue to reframe yourself in Prives.

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