Blue Light Blocking Eyewear : Everyone from Jamie Foxx to J Lo are wearing them in public

The first reason you should get your hands on a pair of Privé Revaux’s new Anti Blue-Light Blocking Glasses is because they’re extremely stylish – extremely. In other words, if you’re looking to up your personal and professional look at the same time, search no further than this collection of glasses. Having personally tested out the Alchemist limited edition glasses, they’re without the most comfortable and stylish pair of non-prescription shades I have ever worn – and to be honest, they’re the only ones I have ever worn. There is just a mystique about wearing glasses and to have the luxury of wearing these without needing a doctor’s approval makes them even more attractive. If you’re looking to complement your New Year’s resolutions, then put your faith into a pair of these endless selections of glasses from The Alchemist and The Maestro to The MVP and The Entrepreneur. 

The second reason you should jump at a pair of these glasses is because of the price point – $29.95? You can’t beat that. Even if you go on the black market it’s hard to find some official glasses anywhere close to that price. You’re truly paying for quality and then some for just under $30. Whether Valentine’s Day didn’t deliver the gift you hoped for or you just need a reason to spoil yourself, you can buy three pairs of these Privé Revaux glasses for under $100 – combined. That’s impressive. With tax season here, use a few bucks and up your wardrobe with a pair! 

The third reason you should highly consider buying a pair of these anti-blue light glasses is because of the celebrities already spotted donning them. Everyone from Jamie Foxx to Jennifer “J. Lo” Lopez are sporting these in public and they look ab-SOHH-lutely fire. Look, let’s face it – we’re living in times when a celebrity’s co-sign goes miles and often we’re all trying to mimic them. Whether it’s dropping loads on Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner’s make-up lines or lacing up with a pair of Kanye West’s Yeezy kicks or Drake’s Jordan Brand OVO sneakers, it’s all about the celebrity endorsement. Seeing J. Lo casually on her date outings with A-Rod sporting a pair of these glasses is enough of a co-sign to up your social media likes!


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