Celebrity Style x Prive Revaux

We all know that accessories can make or break an outfit. But are sunglasses just an accessory or are they more than that? Fact is that eyewear is an important part of our daily lives and is the centerpiece of fashion since its wore on your face.

Celebrities and their stylist know this!

Here’s our are some of our favorite frames spotted on celebrities in August of 2018.


The ever so fashionable and talented Sabrina Carpenter has a unique voice and an amazing sense of style. Sabrina can be seen in The Milan, much like Sabrina, The Milan is the definition of dressed to perfection. The Milan is polished and always on point. They create and critique while others await their influence.

Garrett Clayton can do it all, sing, dance and act! He’s a class act with his own understated sense of style and vibe. Garrett can be seen rocking The London, The Londoner is understated, sophisticated and yet doesn’t take themselves too seriously, much like Garrett. Known for their style and humour, The Londoner has that unattainable flare of the je ne sais quoi, just right. 

Thierry Guetta better known as the hyper talented street artist Mr. Brainwash, has one of the most distinct and unique styles in art today. Brainwash is wearing The Yorker, a frame this is most fitting for him as The Yorker doesn't distinguish between art, work and play. and possesses contagious warmth.

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