Ditch the Ray-Bans and Grab Prive Revaux's Designer Polarized Frames for Less

Sure, the name Ray-Ban has become synonymous with eyewear, making them the top dog when it comes to sunglasses. But, the designer brand better watch out, because Privé Revaux’s new line of handcrafted polarized frames have been seen on many of the industry’s heavyweights, with celebrity supporters such as Hailee Steinfeld and Ashley Benson, among others.

 The brand may sound expensive, but celebrity business partners such as Jamie Foxx, have worked towards keeping the line high quality while still maintaining their affordability.

 Pretty Little Liars star Ashley Benson, who admitted to being “obsessed” with sunglasses, explained: “It’s awesome because they’re $29 and they look like every designer sunglasses that you could imagine and they actually are of the same quality.”

 So what’s so special about a sunglass line that starts (and ends) at $29.95 a pop?

 Launched June 2nd, the luxury line has over 100 handcrafted designer frames to choose from, each evoking a particular persona, including The Supermodel, The Mogul, The Madam and The Heartbreaker.

 From your more classic aviator style lenses, such as The Duchess, The Aphrodite, and The Celebrity, to more futuristic and fun options like The Artist, The Rockstar and The Feminist. At Privé there’s something for everyone.

 Other amenities that attest to the brand’s high quality include 100% scratch-resistant stainless steel to protect your lenses in even the toughest of environments. Along with anti-glare coating and full UV protection to shield your precious oculi from the sun.

 But wait, because that’s not even the best part. The frames come equipped with polarized lenses, giving you the clearest vision and clarity possible.

 So why spend upwards of $200 at Ray-Ban when you could be getting the same quality goods at a fraction of the cost?

 Instead of wasting your hard earned cash on eyewear this summer, grab yourself a pair of Privé’s so you can spend your money on other summertime necessities.

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