Learn How You Can Help Protect Your Eyes With Prive's New Blue Light Blocking Technology

It's 2018; New Year, new you, right?


Well do yourself -- and your eyes -- a favor and shop Prive's latest line of clear frames equipped with new blue light blocking technology to help protect your eyes. 



Nowadays, us Millennials can hardly endure a day -- heck an hour – without screen time. Between our jobs, the TV and the big wide world of social media, technological devices such as smartphones and computers are taking over our lives and have started causing serious health problems.


It was reported that Americans look at their cell phone an average of 100 times per day, according to a CES 2015 review. Yes, 100! And for those of you social media savants out there it's probably even worse!


Another study from the Vision Council found that nearly one-third of Americans spend upwards of 9+ hours a day using some sort of digital device. Those long, strenuous hours are actually putting your precious corneas at risk of Digital Eye Strain (also known as DES). 


A similar study found that 200 million Americans reported some sort of DES, which consists of symptoms such as dryness, irritation and blurred vision, hence why Prive’s latest innovation is so beneficial. 


While older styles of blue light lenses were often more funky and came with noticeably different tinted lenses, Prive’s line is effortlessly chic and stylish for almost any wearer.


Between The Alchemist, which offers up a more sophisticated ambiance, or rather The Entrepreneur for something a little more hipster-esque. Or who knows, maybe you want to stick with something simple and reliable like The Savant or The Prodigy. Shop our top picks and start making your eye health a priority this year.

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