The Best Sunglasses For Each Face Shape

Sure, everyone looks good in wayfarers. But, what about more stylish lenses such as retro squares or cat-eyes?

Finding a pair of sunglasses to frame your features can be tough depending on your face shape. If you have a diamond or oval face you're in luck, but more unique shapes such as triangle and square are a bit tougher and not as universal.

Check out our multitude of suggestions below from Privé's new line of handcrafted lenses and see which style works best for your face. There's something here for everyone.

Heart-Shaped Face — Those with a more triangular-shaped face will want to opt for a bottom-heavy frame to contrast against their more narrow chin. Privé’s The Celebrity and The Aphrodite are suitable options for those going for a more classic, aviator look. Throw on a pair of The Bombs if you want something a little more fun and bold.

Square-Shaped Face — Soften your sharp features with curvy frames such as a pair of cat-eyes like Privé’s The Heartbreaker or The Feminist. Also rectangular lenses, including The Heroine or The Cougar are great for a more bold, thick-framed, spectacle. The Boss, The Chief, The Mogul and The MILF, are all suitable options for those opting for a more rounded frame.

Round-Shaped Face Now for a more rounded face, go for something more contrasting such as a rectangular lens to balance your features; however opt out of oversized lenses, like The Heroine. Privé recommends their The Bomb or The Shark, because the geometrical frames will contrast against your softer edges. 

Oval-Shaped Face — For an oval face, you’re in luck because just about anything goes; although you might want to steer away from circular frames so as to not elongate your face even further. In this case take a look at Privé’s fun, geometric options such as The Queen, The Artist or The Activist. The Madam and The Nasty Woman are also futuristic and fun options.

Diamond-Shaped Face — Probably the most versatile face shape with the widest range of spectacles to choose from, includingoversized and futuristic options when you’re feelin’ like stepping outside of your comfort zone. For fun options check out Privé’s The Madam, The Socialite or The Rockstar — any of which are sure to make you standout from the crowd. Opt for The Underdog and The Jetsetter for a more retro chic pick.

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