What Do Your Sunnies Say About You?

Privé’s line of designer frames strive to evoke a persona, with the motto that everyone can be anyone in fan favorites such as The Artist, The Madam, The Socialite, The Duchess and The Jetsetter.


So what do your go-to sunglasses say about you? See which picks we’ve analyzed below to determine which best fits your personality.



The Artist – If your caught in a pair of The Artist chances are you’re far from boring. These fun, futuristic frames are for the creative type and the innovative thinker; the one who yearns for a blank canvas to tell their story. They may be a tad unorganized and unkempt at times, but they love any chance to express themselves and these oversized lenses give the perfect opportunity to do so.



Some big names that have identified as The Artist include Christina Milian, Lily Collins, Kayla Fitz and Blake Lively. 



The Jetsetter – The Jetsetter evokes a sense of anonymity; a person who rocks these retro sunglasses has an element of suspense; they also crave wanderlust and aren’t afraid to pick up and go at any time. They’re also bound to be a bit more highbrow and refined, which isn’t a bad thing per say. They strive for the finer things in life, but also aren’t afraid to try something new. With these elegant frames the possibilities (and places) are endless.


Heavyweights who’ve rocked The Jetsetter include brand ambassador Hailee Steinfeld.



The Madam – The Madam is another futuristic frame that offers a certain level of distinction. With a pair of these oversized specs you’re dying to make a statement; you don’t sit back and wait for the plans, but rather you make them. You’re a natural born leader who can be deemed bossy at times, but that’s just because you’re decisive and know what you want – and there’s nothing wrong with that!


Fashionistas Lucy Hale and Blake Lively have both been spotted parading around these prima donna-inspired frames, among others.



The Socialite -- It goes without saying, but The Socialite is without a doubt the life of the party. The flirty, fun lenses pay tribute to the social butterfly type. You wouldn’t be caught dead in a pair of The Aces or The Celebrity, because those are far too classic and traditional for you. Instead you look for something a bit more bold and unique. You love to tell your story and with these specialized cut off sunglasses you can do exactly that.



The Duchess – The aviator-inspired lenses are for the more traditional, conservative type. If you’re rockin’ these more rounded specs, chances are you tend to play things safe and tend to draw inside the lines. Some might say you’re at times a bit predictable, heck even boring, but you’re just more reserved and like to stay within your comfort zone. These elegant-looking sunnies have become Paige Obradovich’s go-to fashion accessory.


So what pair of Privé’s are you dying to have tell your story? Grab yours today so you too can fit in with the rest of the Hollywood A-list crowd.

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