Do You Really Need To Worry About The Damaging Effects Of Blue Light?

How exactly do you do that?

Obviously, limiting the amount of time you spend staring at any kind of screen is helpful, but we get that that’s (much) easier said than done. Glasses with blue-light blocking technology, like this pair from Privé Revaux, subdue digital eye strain and the effects of blue light, and as an added bonus, many also offer glare reduction,. Blue light-filtering screen covers are a great way to protect both your eyes and skin, adds Dr. Waldorf, and then of course there are skin care products, too. Basically, the same formula applies as when you’re protecting your skin from UV rays: sunscreen plus antioxidants make for the ultimate dream team. More and more sunscreen formulations are now touting blue light protection, though keep in mind that physical blockers are best for shielding your skin from blue light, notes Dr. Klein. We’re big fans of the three options below.

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